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Bosch Rexroth CS-440 Closed Loop Spreader Control System

Bosch Rexroth CS-440 Closed Loop Spreader Control System
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The Bosch Rexroth CS-440 Closed Loop Spreader Control System is developed from world class engineering, manufacturing and applications experience. The total system approach at Bosch Rexroth allows them to effectively integrate both electronic and hydraulic components, providing optimal system performance and reliability when you need it most. Every component and system configuration undergoes extensive in lab testing to ensure field reliability and operating performance. As part of your success, Bosch Rexroth offers a comprehensive technical support program to ensure your complete satisfaction. IMPORTANT!: Hydraulic System Data Sheet — Must be filled out completely in your member profile for shopping cart to process order.

The Bosch Rexroth CS-440 controller is capable of both solid and pre-wet applications as well as anti-ice applications. Multiple application rates are easily adjustable for both solid and liquid applications. The controller incorporates a large VFD graphics display screen for easy operator reference, providing full access to spreader rate and system status information at a glance. System setup is accomplished through easy-to-use PC based configuration software, which can be accomplished in minutes with a conventional laptop computer or through an infra-red Palm Pilot link. The system can also be easily accessed on the vehicle with easy to follow on-screen instructions.

As an added benefit to the SICCMA members, all CS-440 controllers come standard with a:

  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • 3 valve manifold
  • Pre-wet and speed sensor cable kit
  • 2 in-house calibrations on a working system at MHQ
  • 24/7 support line during the season
  • Free training for your operators
  • Extended warranty with purchase of installation
Product Features

Product Features:

  • Large, adjustable, bright graphics VFD display
  • 4 solid material selections, with 9 application rate settings
  • 4 liquid material selections, with 9 application rate settings
  • 9 spinner speed settings
  • Blast and pause functions integrated into the rate knob selector for ease of use
  • Stationary unload for both solid and liquid materials
  • Input status indicators, 6 fixed and 2 user defined
  • Modular mounting capability, compact design
  • System configuration through PC based software
  • Wireless data transfer upgradeable when required
  • Two wire cable for electronic ground speed pickup
  • Firm ware upgradeable through a PC link
  • Key and optional pass word protection to access system settings

Advanced Functions:

  • Auto-nulling of proportional outputs
  • Auto-calibration of both solid and liquid materials
  • Gate position read back with automatic conveyor speed adjustment
  • Solid material rate reduction adjustable with pre-wet
  • Ability to read both pavement and ambient temperature
  • Adjustable dither frequency for all proportional outputs
  • Screen intensity adjustable for day/night driving
  • GPS interface capabilities for obtaining road speed

On Screen Data Display:

  • Solid application rate and control mode
  • Liquid application rate and control mode
  • Solid material selected
  • Liquid material selected
  • Spinner setting
  • Gate setting
  • Temperature readout, pavement and ambient
  • Driver I.D. feature
  • Trip summary report

Hydraulic Spreader Valve:

  • The hydraulic spreader block is manufactured of anodized aluminum for rugged durability and long life. It is mounted in a 12” x 9” x 6” stainless steel weather tight enclosure to withstand exposure to de-icing chemicals and severe weather conditions. The spreader valve is a manifold, load sensing, monoblock design with electric cartridge valves for integrated circuits of the spreader hydraulic functions (Conveyor/Spinner/Pre-wet). The valve actuators are proportional solenoids that are direct acting, pulse width modulation activated and have manual overrides, which integrate with the CS-440 controller for optimum performance and adjustability. The spreader valve comes standard for three hydraulic functions (three cartridges and three coils) for controlling the conveyor, spinner and hydraulic pre-wet. If only two hydraulic circuits are used, there would be an extra coil and cartridge available for in the field service or replacement.



Options and Pricing:

Flow Meter Add $196.00 (Reg. $326.00)
The polypropylene GEMS flow meter provides the necessary feedback to the CS-440 controller for operating in closed loop and utilizes a highly visible paddle wheel design for visual flow indication.
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Note: This option is required unless you are purchasing a SICCMA pre-wet system, in which the flow meter is included as an added benefit.

Tee Jet GPS Speed Sensor Add $461.00 (Reg. $521.00)
The GPS Speed Sensor uses a GPS receiver to measure true ground speed, then delivers a frequency signal compatible with the speed signal input on the CS-440 controller. The enclosure mounts inside the cab with a small patch antenna mounted outside. The enclosure features an LED status light for power, GPS lock and speed output conditions. The state-of-the-art GPS engine delivers better performance than many comparable units on the market. A great solution for vehicles without a mechanical or electrical ground speed pickup location. Not plug and play, requires splicing of wires for proper connection.
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Wi-Fi Module Add $1060.00 (Reg. $1662.00)
The Rexroth wireless data transfer system (WDTS) integrates Wi-Fi and GPS technologies into a single system. The logged data transfers to a computer at the depot via a wireless router when the vehicle is within Wi-Fi range. Wireless service fees are not required and the module is a plug and play add-on for when Mass DOT has the infrastructure setup to utilize it. The Rexroth WDTS is the most reliable in the industry and eliminates the need for manually retrieving logged data from the CS-440 controller.
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Electric Pre-wet Module Add $153.00 (Reg. 355.00)
The electric pre-wet module is required if you are utilizing an electric pre-wet system. The module comes complete with interface cable and pig tail connectors for a weather proof connection to the electric pump. If utilizing a SICCMA pre-wet system, the interface cable will plug directly into a weather proof bulkhead connection on the pump enclosure.

Conveyor Speed Sensor Motor* — A conveyor speed sensor is *required for closed loop operation. For spreaders utilizing a closed loop control system, the SICCMA strongly recommends using a conveyor motor with a built in speed sensor. This feature provides years of reliable and accurate performance in corrosive environments. To purchase the correct one for your application, please see the “hydraulic motors ” section of the website.

MHQ Installation Add $1995.00 (Reg. $2200.00)
Includes full installation of the CS-440 system on a working hydraulic system meeting all hydraulic requirements and 2 on-site calibrations. As an added benefit, installation also includes an extended MHQ warranty featuring:

  • Eighteen months on the controller and valve from date of install.
  • Ninety days on cables and sensors from date of install.
  • Two hours of MHQ labor to diagnose or repair a problem.
Minimum 25 gpm at 2,500 psi
Maximum 35 gpm a 3,000 psi
If retro fitting an existing hydraulic system: Your hydraulic pump must generate at least 16 rev/min of the conveyor belt with the FFL valve wide open and the engine RPM at maximum road speed for a computerized control system to function properly. For directions on how to test your vehicle, please see “closed loop controller data sheet” in your member profile.

IMPORTANT!: Hydraulic System Data Sheet — Must be filled out completely in your member profile for shopping cart to process order.


Free shipping to MHQ Truck Equipment for pickup OR $25.00 flat rate via UPS ground. Please call MHQ Truck Equipment to schedule your pickup following your order.

MHQ Truck Equipment
409 Har tford Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Phone: 508-842-0866
Mon.-Fri. from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST


Compu-Spread Corp. warrants all products manufactured and distributed by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions and proper application in accordance with the specifications for operation as described in the appropriate Engineering Data Sheet or its equivalent for the periods as specified below.

1.5.1. All hydraulic products including; pre-wetting power units, manifold assemblies as manufactured by Compu-Spread Corp., cartridge valves, axial piston equipment, M4 style stacking valves, all special in-line valves not part of a main assembly, valve assemblies (pneumatic and electrical).

  • Twenty-four (24) months after delivery date or twelve (12) months after equipment is placed in service, whichever comes first.
  • CS 420/430/425 manual controllers, CS-440 Microprocessor, CS-105 joystick consoles, CS-140 joystick consoles, CS-Wi-Fi systems, and all pre-wetting system controllers.
  • Twenty-four (24) months after delivery date or twelve (12) months after equipment is placed in service, whichever comes first.
    1.5.2. Ground speed conveyor and gate sensors, oil level and temperature sensors, electric cable assemblies, GPS receiver, hydraulic motors, pre-wetting tanks, metal fabricated equipment and tanks, and all other accessories not listed above.
  • Ninety (90) days after delivery date.

For additional Compu-Spread Corp. warranty information, please see Warranty Statement and Periods Compu-Spread Corp. under Literature Tab.

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